Infusing Hope and Biblical Perspective

Reclaim Leadership goes beyond counseling to infuse hope and biblical perspective for ministry leaders to reignite and reengage their ministry calling. Pastors and ministry leaders in need of an infusion of hope and biblical perspective to stay the course of ministry are often required to leave their field of service to get the help they need. Reclaim Leadership goes to them, providing counseling and support through Recalibration Retreats and Professional Ministry Coaching without requiring the leader to leave their location.

Often, the source of most ministry pain is brought about by relational and organizational conflict. Reclaim Leadership specializes in addressing issues of conflict and works with ministry leaders, governing boards, and ministry teams. The goal of Conflict Consulting is to bring conflict to a resolution that honors God and those involved.

Available for You

Recalibration retreat

Recalibration begins with a one-day retreat taking a leader out of the familiar into an environment free from clamoring attentions. The focused, intentional retreat is time for a series of reality checks about life, calling, and ministry.

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Professional Ministry Coaching

Some of the most successful ministry leaders have experienced tremendous benefits from coaching.  YOU will define the agenda.  YOUR results will vary depending on how long we work together and what actions YOU take.

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Conflict Consulting

Our conflict consulting program focuses on solution and will provide a creative, interactive, engaging, personalized and timely training for churches, non-profits, and Christian businesses desiring to equip and empower governing boards and staff with the ability to handle conflict in an honoring, respectful, and mutually encouraging way.

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Request A Speaker

Eric is a professionally trained speaker and is available to speak on topics of conflict, reconciliation, and how to have difficult conversations. He can tailor a talk specific to your audience.

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Eric Willis

Founder and Executive Director

As God’s plan unfolded, it became apparent that life experiences and God’s mercies would burn a passion in me to minister to fellow ministers around the globe struggling through emotional and spiritual defeat. As Founder and Executive Director of Reclaim Leadership, my joy increases in those moments of encouraging fellow servants to focus on their identity in Christ through the difficulties of ministry life; challenging Christian leaders to rediscover their calling and reignite their passion to pursue it.

Hear Eric’s Heart for Peace - A Short TedTalk Sermon