Eric Willis specializes in equipping and empowering teams to handle conflict in an effective manner that promotes teamwork, collaboration and increased output.

The team training program will provide a creative, interactive, engaging, personalized and timely training for companies and organizations desiring to equip and empower employees with the ability to handle conflict in an honoring, respectful, and mutually encouraging way

Training events are tailored to fit your schedule and needs with online assessment inventories completed prior to the training event, utilizing the TKI and the SOI.

Online Assessment Inventories



“Style” ~ it’s how you process ideas, deal with emotion, move in your space, and order the world around you.

“Influence” ~ it’s how you leverage your strengths and manage your negative potentials so you realize greater success in life.

“Style of Influence™(SOI)” ~ it’s yours… it’s unique… and it influences everything and everyone around you.

Your Report will help you identify:

  • How you tend to think through ideas presented to you

  • How you intuitively process the emotions around you

  • How you naturally exert your force of will in your environments

  • How you produce detail around your activities

  • And, as importantly, your Report will give you insights to help you manage your Style of Influence™ to achieve greater personal satisfaction in your life and vocation.



The TKI is designed to measure a person's behavior in conflict situations. "Conflict situations" are those in which the concerns of two people appear to be incompatible. In such situations, we can describe an individual's behavior along two dimensions: (1) assertiveness, the extent to which the person attempts to satisfy his own concerns, and (2) cooperativeness, the extent to which the person attempts to satisfy the other person's concerns.