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Eric is a professionally trained speaker and is available to speak on topics of conflict, reconciliation, and how to have difficult conversations.

Use the form below to contact Eric for keynotes or breakout sessions on these topics:

  • How to Use the Four Filters of Conflict

  • Navigating Change without the Conflict

  • Empowering and Engaging a Culture of Healthy Conflict

  • The Healing Power of Our Identity: Bringing Christ in You to the Pain of Conflict

Eric will be happy to tailor his talk to your specific needs.

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“Eric Willis fits our events like a glove. His professionalism makes him a delight to work with and, as a speaker, he connects quickly and viscerally to his audience as he carefully crafts each message to hit his listener right where they are. His listeners leave impacted for the better. Whether from a planning perspective or a listening perspective, Eric is a blessing.”

— Paul Lanum, Vice President, Publishing & Conferences RightNow Media and Conferences

“THANK YOU for presenting at last week’s Ministry Leaders Luncheon. You hit an absolute home run, and we got nothing but positive responses afterwards from all concerned.”

— Bill Hendricks, Executive Director for Christian Leadership The Hendricks Center, Dallas Theological Seminary

“Eric is a phenomenal resource on the issues surrounding conflict. He makes it apparent how big of a need it is to address in churches and communities today! His presentations are well-prepared, concise, and relevant to the audience. I couldn’t recommend anyone else!”

— Chris Honeycutt, Lead Consultant and Conference Coordinator, Training