Today, many pastors and ministry leaders are in crisis.

Ultimately, what is at stake is the witness of Jesus Christ. Congregations suffer and the Gospel message is thwarted when ministry leaders are emotionally and spiritually wounded. When pastors disengage their faith, fall morally, or create division in the church, we lose credibility to our witness in the world. Where there is no vision, spiritual fervor, or passionate leadership, the people perish.

A ten-year track record of personally empowering, ministry changing, Recalibration Retreats has placed Eric Willis and Reclaim Leadership in a unique position to meet this need. Reclaim Leadership approaches pastoral leaders on an identity level, helping them connect their belief system to the healing power of their identity in Christ. This reminder oftentimes reignites their passion to pursue their calling. But we need your help.

Your financial investment will give pastors an infusion of hope! YOU will help encourage a pastor to faithfully stay the course of ministry in the midst of intense stress and crisis! Make a gift today to provide more ministry leaders with opportunities to reclaim their leadership today!


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