Ministry is your calling, not your identity.


Is Recalibration for Me?

If you are in Christian Ministry as a Pastor, Church Planter, or Missionary, then a Reclaim Leadership Recalibration Retreat can help sustain you in ministry. We would love to come alongside to spur you on to stay the course of ministry!


How Much Does IT Cost?

The cost of your Recalibration Retreat is much less than the cost of you not being in ministry! The One-Day Retreat along with 4 follow-up coaching sessions are $1,200 plus travel expenses. However, costs may be supplemented by the generous donors to Reclaim Leadership. Let's not let finances keep you from receiving the ministry you need!



This is the unique beauty of Reclaim Leadership! We know you can't always leave your field of service to get the encouragement and care you need. That's why we come to you! We find a retreat location within a 90 mile radius of where you are and ask that you join us there for your Recalibration Retreat.

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Minister Recalibration


Reclaim Leadership’s Minister Recalibration begins with a one-day retreat taking a leader out of the familiar into an environment free from clamoring attentions…if only for a day! The focused, intentional retreat is time for a series of reality checks about life, calling, and ministry. Each retreat is individualized and includes a 4 week post-retreat coaching process tailored to encourage healthy personal ministry.

If you are in need of encouragement to stay the course of ministry or if your ministry has morphed into uncertainty, schedule a Recalibration Retreat with Eric now!

What to Expect

Minister Recalibration

We understand you can’t always leave your field of service. We will search for a retreat location within a 90 mile radius of your location. A date will be set and Eric will meet you at the location on the morning of the retreat. Over an 8:00am breakfast, we will talk you through the course of your day noting intentional points of interaction. The Recalibration Retreat ends at 5:00pm in order for you to make it home to your family.

One week after your retreat, we will contact you to set up the 4 follow-up coaching sessions. Part of these coaching sessions include a personal development inventory. The Style of Influence (SOI) is one of the most insightful and helpful tools on the market.

Scholarships may be available when you request your Recalibration Retreat. Just let us know you need one.